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Council on Aging Minutes 05/04/2011

MAY 4, 2011
The meeting was called to order by Chair Ray Gottwald at 9:35 a.m.
Attendance: Ray Gottwald, Barbara Bliss, Heather Swenson, Tracy Ventura, Debbie Salewski, Adrienne Johnson, Lee Culver, Francois Marin, Ralph Smith and Barbara-Anne Foley
Friends of COA: Jack Brown

Director’s Report: Barbara-Anne Foley reported that Article #5 passed at Town Meeting.  The new grid and job descriptions will be negotiated with the Union.  Nan Balmer, Assistant Town Administrator has been working very hard on this job.
The Volunteer Recognition Luncheon planning is going well.  Liz Saunders will be singing from 11:30 to 12:30.  Marilyn Clouter was voted Volunteer of the Year for the COA and Izzy Thompson and George Morris were both voted Community Volunteer of the Year.  Carolyn Cragin, Superintendent of the Schools, will talk on connecting the high school children and the seniors.
There will be a 3 day training session at the Community Center on Suicide Prevention.
The 40th anniversary quilt is finished and will be unveiled on June 13 at a breakfast sponsored by the Friends of the Council on Aging.
June 11 is the Antiques Appraisal Show and June 29 is the Greek Festival Day.
The Theater Thespians will hold three performances here in June.

Friends of COA report: Jack Brown reported that the Friends Board has sent their plan for work at the Community Center to Jim Merriam.  They will arrange a meeting to discuss the plan with the Administrator.
The Friends donated $1500 again this year for medical equipment to loan to Harwich residents.  There was a discussion that maybe the COA should put a notice in the Chronicle, Channel 18, Men’s Club and Newcomer’s groups for donations of used equipment and to let residents know of the service here.  Pilgrim Congregational Church Mission Group donated showers seats and commodes.

Minutes: Lee Culver moved to accept the minutes, Barbara Bliss seconded.

Treasurer’s report: The report was reviewed by all and agreed that it is on track for the year.

New Business: Ray Gottwald appointed Heather Swenson, Tracy Ventura, Adrienne Johnson and Barbara Bliss as chairwoman to a nominating committee for new officers.

ADJOURN: Lee Culver moved to adjourn at 11:50, Barbara Bliss seconded.

The next meeting will be held in Room #1 at the Community Center at 9:00 on June 8, 2011. (Note date and time change of June’s meeting)