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Finance Committee Minutes 03/22/2011
Town of Harwich
Finance Committee Meeting 3/22/11
Griffin Room

Present: Skip Patterson, Chairman, Peter Hughes, Rich Larios, Bill Greenwood, Pam Groswald, Pete Watson, John Idman and Noreen Donahue.

Not present: Dana DeCosta

Also Attending: Jim Merriam, David Ryan

Meeting was called to order at 6PM.  

School Committee – Polly Hemstock and Carolyn Cragin presented the original 2012 proposed budget and the current revised budget based on the regionalization of the Chatham and Harwich schools.  The net result was that the budget was reduced by .8% which is a first.  Discussion around the regionalization took place and Dave Ryan provided clarification as needed.  Overall it was a positive review.

Approval of the Minutes – Skip asked for approval of the Feb 16, Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 15, Mar 16 and March 19, 2011 minutes.  The board voted unanimously in favor to accept the minutes as written and distributed.  8-0

Review of Articles based on the Finance Committees documentation and Dave Ryan’s worksheet:
  • ATM 44 - Community Center Revolving Account – vote should read as IP 9 – 0
  • STM 16 – Supplemental Cultural Council – vote should read as IP 6 – 3
  • STM 22 – Local Comprehensive Plan - a motion was made and seconded to reconsider the previous vote.  No one has seen this article and the committee asked Jim Merriman to see if Mr. Spitz could attend the April 6th meeting to discuss it.  Pam also asked the committee to review the article on the website and to be prepared with their questions for the meeting.  Voted to NRPFI 8-0   Also, review STM 21 – Floodplain – for the same meeting.
ATM 29 – Harwich Port Library – a motion was made and seconded to reconsider and then to revote.  The new vote is IP 7 -1.
  • STM 26 – Lease Town Owned Land on Queen Ann Road – vote should read as A & A 6-2-1.
  • STM 10 – MGL Chapter 44 Sec 6 CPA – a motion was made and seconded to reconsider the article.  The new motion was to remove the warrant from the list of warrants and consider it again in the future.  Vote to remove was 8 – 0.
Request(s) for Transfer from Reserve Fund – none

Announcements, Correspondence:
  • Notice from BOH re Back Nine Café and request to improve the septic system.
  • Cape Cod Technical School Assessment notification which reflected an 8.6% increase from last year.
  • Memo from Jim Merriam to restore $6300 in salaries in their budget.
Jack Brown cannot make the Finance Committee meeting on March 23, 2011 but he will make it on March 30, 2011.  As a result, the agenda for March 23, 2011 will change to have Bill Mason at 6PM, Frank Sampson at 6:30PM and Golf at 7PM.

Old Business:
Finance Committee letter was reviewed and it was determined that Peter Hughes will review everyone’s comments and edit the letter.  Please send all comments to Peter.

New Business:
  • Munis Financial Management Report was reviewed by all.  Dave and Jim explained the report, specifically in regards to the available funds results.  One item on the report from 1999, Land Bank Purchase, is actually a debt to be paid and will stay until it is.  This is an article under the Board of Selectmen.
  • Peter Hughes talked to Ginny regarding the lighting issue at the Library that was brought up to the committee on Saturday, March 19, 2011.  Mrs. Brown and the Librarian are very happy that Peter has taken an interest in helping them through the process to have the lighting issues fixed.
The meeting adjourned at 8:48PM.

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