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Finance Committee Minutes 09/30/2011
Griffin Room, Town Hall
Special Meeting 4:00 PM
Friday September 30, 2011

Present: Skip Patterson, Chairman, Pam Groswald, Bill Greenwood, Dana DeCosta, Pete Watson, Rich Larios, Noreen Donahue, Jon Idman (arrived at 4:15PM)
Not present: Open Position to Replace Peter Hughes
Also present: David Ryan, Jim Merriam

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 4:00PM by Skip.  

Vote on Warrant Articles for Special Town Meeting:
Skip advised that this is the only agenda item for tonight.
Jim advised that Article #’s 5 & 6 can be removed, however, FinCom must vote on that.

Article 1 - Approval of Debt for the New Monomoy Regional High School - Feasibility Study
  • Our share is $1,444 million
  • Both Chatham and Harwich will see the same article and it will not include a split of share per town.
  • 36% will be reimbursed to us from the state and may be up to 49% based on 2nd phase.
Simple majority vote is noted, not the traditional 2/3rds vote.
Jim will invite Carolyn Cragan, Superintendent of Regional School, to attend our October 19, 2011 meeting.

A motion was made and seconded to include and recommend this article.  Vote: Yes-7 No-0

Article 2 - Allen Harbor Parking Lot Lease

A motion was made and seconded to include and recommend this article.  Vote: Yes-7 No-0

As an addendum, FinCom discussed the options and opportunities to lease Saquatucket Harbor Parking Lot with care to ensure no runoff of paint and sanding in the written lease.  We will ask the Harbormaster to give us their opinion re constraints to this option.

A motion was made and seconded that FinCom would support a warrant article in the Annual Town Meeting to lease some or all of Saquatucket Harbor Parking Lot and request Administration to draft the article and lease.  Vote: Yes-8, No-0

Article 3 - Fire Department Ambulance
  • Concerns were raised regarding the wording (trade or use as a back-up).
A motion was made and seconded to include and recommend this article with a change in the wording to have the 2006 Fire Department Ambulance traded or sold and not used as a backup.  FinCom is asking the Board of Selectmen to review the current wording and amend it accordingly.  Vote: Yes-8 No-0

Article 4 - Divisional Directors Job Title
  • Jim advised that this is a position developed in accordance with the reorganization of town departments.  
  • The job description is being finalized and the salary has been agreed on.
A motion was made and seconded to include and recommend this article.  Vote: Yes-7 No-1

Article 5 - Fund the Children's Center
Article 6 - Fund Harwich Housing Authority Rental Assistance Program

A motion was made and seconded to remove Articles 5 & 6 from the warrant.  Vote:  Yes-8 No-0

Article 7 - Golf Improvement Fund
  • The funds would be used for items such as kitchen equipment, clubhouse improvement.
  • Revenue source from fee to members.
  • This is putting a cap on what can be carried over from year to year.
  • Can we lease the Golf Course?
  • This article is not an appropriation so we cannot vote to include.
A motion was made and seconded to not recommend this article at this time pending receipt of further information.  Vote:  Yes-8 No-0

Skip asked for a straw vote concerning the 2 options used for capital expenditures to provide money for projects:
  • Revolving fund – 0 preferred this
  • Loan – 8 preferred this
The Board of Selectmen voted previously that Capital Improvement would be 1 year up to $25,000.

Skip will invite the Golf Committee to our October meeting and once the article has been discussed and reviewed, FinCom will have to determine the recommendation for Article 7.

Other Business
  • Skip sent a letter to Mike Ford to get a new member for the vacancy on the committee.
  • The October Agenda will include:
  • Mike Ford
  • Warrant Articles
  • Golf Committee
  • Regional High School

Meeting Adjourned:  5:05PM

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