Bikeways Committee Meeting

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Meeting Date: 
May 17, 2017

Minutes of bikeways Committee May 17, 2017

Attendees: Lincoln Hooper, Dennis Mozzer, Jamie  Goodwin and Dinah Lane (from channel 18), Eric Levy, Bruce Page, Paul Gazaille and Fran Salewski.



 - brought us up to date on the repair of the bikeways crossing light on Queen Anne road.

= Rt 39 crossing light repaired the 3 inch thread which was stripped and the light is up and running.

 - There's ongoing issues with property owners on the Bike path as to who owns the fences if it needs repair or should be removed, all cases have been handled on a case by case basis.

Fran asked if Lincoln would see any issues on proposing to have a crossing light at the general store, Lincoln didn't think there would any issue. Action June meeting to review request to install crossing light.


Fran reported from the Selectman's meeting on combining the bikeways and trails committees and currently they want to keep the committees separate.


Jamie and Dinah mentioned that there was a 10 minute slot open on channel 18 for someone to present what we are doing on the bikeways Committee on. May 30 or 31st. Action Dennis to contact Jamie


We decided not to have a Bike safety Rodeo this year because the elementary school was having one.


Lincoln has some new bike racks and looking for our feedback on where would be a good places to put them. Fran to send us the form.


Jamie mentioned that she is willing to help us update our web site. We need to address our web site at our June meeting.


Fran action: to find our charge before next meeting