Line Dancing, Cape Sands Ballroom

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 8:00am to 10:45am

Line Dancing for Fun & Fitness
Contact: Karen Shackleford (DVIDA Certified Instructor)
Phone: (774) 237-3037
When: Monday – 8:30am - 9:15am: Level 3 Line Dancing
            9:15am - 10am: Level 2 Line Dancing
           10am - 10:45am: Level 1 Line Dancing
           10:45am - 11:30am: Lvl 2 PrepGraduation Workshop (only on July 30, 2018, Oct 29, 2018, Jan 28, 2019, & April 29, 2019.

Thursday – 8:30am - 9:15am: Level 2 Line Dancing
                   9:15am - 10am: Level 2 Prep Line Dancing
                   10am - 10:45am: Level 1 Line Dancing

Fees: Drop-ins (anyone attending less than a full month of classes):$6.00 per class.
1 or 2 classes per week: $4.00 per class, when paid by the month.
Two or more classes per week: $3.50 per class, when paid by the month.

Start any time!  Learn fun mini dance routines to your favorite pop, rock, Latin, and Top 40 tunes.  A great, social, upbeat, and easy way to get some light exercise!  Wear comfortable, casual clothing.  Shoes should slide easily on linoleum yet provide sufficient traction for spins. No heels or thong-style sandals. Please bring a water bottle.

Courses are listed below from easiest to most challenging. For a complete list of elements by level, visit:

Level 1:  Designed for beginner students who move comfortably on the dance floor and pick up elements and patterns quickly and easily. Many of the dances will be basic rhythm, but mambo/salsa, waltz, and rumba will also be introduced.

Level 2 Prep:  Designed for students who would like to prepare to take Level 2 classes.  Cha cha, swing, and samba rhythms will be added at this level.

Level 2:  Designed for students who only need brief breakdown/review of each dance.  Dancers do not necessarily need to know all of the dances in the current Level 2 or Level 2 Prep rotation, but should be able to pick up material very quickly.

Level 3: Designed for students who are ready for the added challenge of more complex elements and dances, and who can easily cope with multiple direction changes and turning options. Good balance, poise, and spatial awareness are required. Timing variations are key in this level, including the ability to hear and feel the difference in dance rhythms and to perform holds and syncopations.