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May 17, 2017 - 6:30pm
May 17, 2017 - 6:30pm
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6:30 PM


All hearings shall be subject to discussion, taking of testimony, review of submitted documents which may result in a vote being taken to approve or deny a project; or to issue a continuance to a time and date certain, in order to receive and review further information as needed.  This meeting is being recorded.  If any member of the audience is also recording the meeting, they must let the Chair know now.




Request for Determination of Applicability


Habitat for Humanity, 93 & 97 Route 28, Map 10 Parcels W5 & W3-B: Proposed work within Land Subject to Coastal Storm Flowage; includes removing a portion of the multi-family dwelling on # 93 and constructing an addition to the rear; small portion of road construction and septic system upgrades for both 93 & 97 (continued from 4/19/2017)


-Habitat wishes to withdraw without prejudice.  We will need to vote to allow this.  No testimony shall be taken at the meeting. They still have to get their Comprehensive Permit from ZBA, and that could take a few more months, so I suggested they withdraw and then reapply with us when ready.


Craig Chadwick & Debra Guerard, 13 Weston Woods Road, Map 49, Parcel X2-5. Applicant is requesting underground irrigation for the front lawn area located within the 50’-100’ wetland buffer zone.


Aquacultural Research Corp., 11 Harbor Way Map 1, Parcel H3. Proposed installation of a land-based upweller operation within existing building.



Jeff Eldredge, 9 Cranberry Trail, Map 78 Parcel J3: Pursuant to 310 CMR 10.04 land in agricultural use; the applicant has created a 10-13’ wide dirt road around the wetland to access nursery activity. Nursery consists of but not limited to trees & shrubs. Nursery cannot be accessed directly from the Brewster part of the farm & as such, the access from Harwich is necessary. The eastern portion of the road is used to maintain and access crops. The wetland at issue is an old cranberry & blueberry bog which is currently a maple swamp. (Continued from 4/19/2017)



Amended Order of Conditions:


Donald Eldredge, 90 North Road Map 19, Parcel N2. Creation of a vista corridor behind the house by lowering shrub height and pruning lower branches of trees. Also creation of a access path to the edge of marsh.


Notice of Intent


Rocco R. Orsini, 56 Purmackene Lane, Map 24 Parcel H17: proposed construction of a single family dwelling with a drive under garage, porch, deck, subsurface sewage system and drive (continued from 4/19/17)


Town of Harwich Cranberry Valley Golf Course, 183 Oak Street, Map 6 Parcel H1.

Proposed site work & construction of 50’x112’ cart barn adjacent to exiting parking area within 100’ of a wetland.


Town of Harwich, Along Nantucket Sound, Herring River, Round Cove, Allen, Wychmere & Saqutuacket: The Town of Harwich is seeking to combine permits for various dredge and disposal sites within the Town in order to create a comprehensive town wide dredge and disposal permit. Included is the re-permitting of Round Cove maintenance dredging and the addition of a small amount of improvement dredging inside Wychmere Harbor (continued from 4/19/2017)


Belmont Condo Trust, 1 Belmont Road, Map1 Parcel C1-1. Beach cleaning and nourishment on an as needed basis, removal of seaweed; trucked to an offside location on an as needed basis.


Demetrios Dasco, 23-1 Snow Inn Road, Unit 1, Wychmere Shores Condo, Map 8, Parcel P2-1. The proposed patio extension & outdoor kitchen, replacement of brick patio with cut stone patio & mitigation plantings. Work will take place in the 50’ buffer zone to the top of the coastal bank & in the Flood Zone.


Extension Request


John Connelly/Old Mill Point Association Inc, Herring River East to Pleasant Street Beach, Map 1 Map 2 Parcels J1-111, J1-D, M2, A1-82 (SE32-2169) (continued from 4/19/17)


Minutes-Minutes shall be subject to review, discussion, editing for suggested changes and/or deletions, and a vote shall be taken for acceptance and approval.


April 19, 2017




Executive Session

35 Chatham Rd

30-34 Lothrop Ave





Per the Attorney General’s Office:  The committee may hold an open session for topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting following “New Business.”  If you are deaf or hard of hearing or a person with a disability who requires an accommodation, contact the Selectmen’s Office at



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