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Information on mosquito born diseases


Frequently Asked Questions about all things tick related!

Cape Cod Tick Testing Program

Additional Tick Testing Resources

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet

Tickbourne Diseases

Tick Encounter Resource Center

Guide to the Prevention of Tick-Borne Diseases.


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Bats! Situations and solutions

How to capture a bat

How to bat proof your home - home inspections


Find out more about the 2016 Cape Cod Oral Rabies Vaccination Program. The USDA will be distributing bait containing the rabies vaccine throughout the upper Cape to inocculate wildlife against the disease.

Read the Press Release from the Cape Cod Rabies Task Force and see what the rabies bait looks like.

Rabies Scenerios in MA

Wild animals accounted for 92% of reported cases of rabies in Massachusetts in 2010. Raccoons continued to be the most frequently reported rabid wildlife species (44.5% of all animal cases during 2010), followed by foxes (37.0%), skunks (30.0%), woodchucks (10.8%), bats (2.1%), and cats (1.1%).

Rabies surveillance data

Rabies Issues information, protocols, etc including guide to post-exposure management for you and your pets