Septic Systems & Title 5

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Septic Systems & Title 5

Need a new septic system? 


Selling your property?

Prior to selling, conveying or transferring title to real property situated in the Town of Harwich, the owner shall have an inspection of the existing residential, commercial or industrial sewage disposal system. The inspection may only be performed by a Registered Professional Engineer, Registered Sanitarian, or a System Inspector (system inspector must also be certified in Harwich). The system inspection is the responsibility of the owner of the property prior to real estate transfer. Please give yourself enough time for this inspection in case there are any unexpected problems.

Additionally, if the property has a private potable drinking well,  the owner is responsible for having a water sample tested at a state certified laboratory. The water quality test shall be performed not more than 60 days prior to transfer of the property. Results should then be submitted to the Board of Health prior to property transfer on a form provided by the Board of Health, on which the owner will certify that the sample was taken from the well serving the property being transferred. The owner must also give copies of all water test results (regardless of age of results) to any buyer and/or broker identified with the transfer. In the event that there is no buyer at the time the water is tested, a copy of all water test results must be given by the owner to the buyer before the property is put under agreement. For more information, please contact the Harwich Health Department, or visit the Barnstable County Water Quality Laboratory

What to become a Licensed Septic Installer, Hauler, or Inspector in the Town of Harwich?
  • Exams are offered the first Monday of every month (If a Monday holiday, then the first Tuesday).
  • Call the office to schedule your examination!



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