Plastic Bag Ban Information

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Greetings Harwich Merchants,


Please find pertinent information regarding the implementation of a plastic bag ban in Harwich linked HERE.


In May of 2015 a citizens petition was passed at Town Meeting to adopt such a measure for particular types of plastic bags .


The effective date is June 15, 2016. While this initiative will take some getting used to for some until new habits are adopted, we hope to keep in sight the goal of a cleaner environment and reduction of hazards in the marine setting.


Please read the documents and feel free to call the Town Administrators office or the Health Department should you need further information.


For all of the merchants, this is a great opportunity to promote your business and logo with the use of reusable textile bags.


Here's to a cleaner environment through the reduction of non-essential waste!



Paula J Champagne

Health Director


Plastic Bag Ban Summary

Plastic Bag Ban memo to Merchants