2017 Annual Report




To The Honorable Board of Selectmen and the Citizens of the Town of Harwich: On behalf of the Fire Station # 2 Renovation and Rehab Committee, I hereby submit the Annual Report on the activities and accomplishments of 2017.


This year has been a busy one for the Committee. It began with a presentation to the Board of Selectmen in January resulting in approval for a Town Meeting Warrant Article and Vote to authorize hiring an architectural firm to develop design, engineering and bid ready plans. It ended with another presentation to the Board of Selectmen in November resulting in approval to move forward with the Committee’s recommendation to pursue the all new construction option.


  • Throughout the year the Committee conducted a series of community outreach efforts including meetings with the Town Administration, Economic Development Committee, Capital Outlay Committee, producing/airing a VIDEO documentary with Community TV18, establishing a STA #2 Page on the town Website, assisting local media outlets with information and details for news articles, hosting an Open House at STA #2 and conducting visits and meetings with other stakeholders in town. .


  • After Town Meeting approval in May, the Committee completed work on the Architectural RFP and the interview process began in July. By unanimous vote of the Committee, Kaestle Boos Associates (KBA) was recommended to the Selectmen and approved by same in September.


  • The Committee immediately began extensive discussions and review with KBA of the existing structure, the noted deficiencies, the conceptual work done to date and further refining the needs analysis requirements.


  • Based on that work, KBA presented various design and cost estimate options to the Committee in October and determined that the cost to Rehab, Renovate and Expand the existing structure to meet the  needs outlined in the Assessment/Requirements Study was the same or greater than the cost to construct a new building. In addition, the “unknowns” inherent in attempting a rehab of a 42 year old building coupled with the cost and disruption of temporarily relocating personnel and equipment presented an additional risk that is mitigated by the new construction approach.


  • Once that approach was determined the Committee worked closely with KBA to consider various designs and building materials that would minimize costs while ensuring that the original objectives could be met.


  • Work with the Architects continues on pace with the goal of bringing a Warrant Article and Vote to Town Meeting in May 2018 to authorize funding and putting the project out to bid in FY19.             


None of this would have been possible without the active and knowledgeable participation of Committee members and I thank them for their engagement in the process. I would also like to extend my thanks to the Town staff, the Board of Selectmen, the Capital Outlay Committee and the Finance Committee for their continued guidance and support of this important project.    


Respectfully Submitted,

Craig S. Chadwick, Chairman



John Clarke

Sean Libby

Joe McParland

Joe Rego

Scott Tyldesley

Richard Waystack



Robert Caffarelli

Norm Clarke Jr.

Charleen Greenhalgh

Dave LeBlanc

Paul Sweetser