Ad Hoc Harwich Port Parking Committee

Town of Harwich Ad Hoc Harwich Port Parking Committee

Background In recent years the Village of Harwich Port has experienced municipal parking problems which have impacted local public ways. These problems are not uniformly felt throughout the area during all times or seasons. Nonetheless, the problem is cause for concern for the local residents and businesses worrying about parking availability and safety as parked cars overflow onto local roads and private parking facilities.

Charge. The committee shall explore the most impacted areas of Harwich Port. When studying the scope of the problem, the committee shall give due consideration to stress factors, including seasonal variations in parking patterns, changes to parking patterns in the daytime versus the night and event-driven parking. In the course of considering recommendations, the committee shall explore alternate municipal parking availability throughout all the Villages of Harwich, efficient short term movement of people via vans, trolleys or bus accommodations, bicycling and/or walking from remote parking sites and seasonal parking time limits and/or fees. As part of the problem is caused by the increasing popularity of Harwich Port as a resort and its vibrant dining and shopping options, due consideration must be given to solutions which will not impede such activities but rather make them integrate better into daily life.

Board Members

Name Title
Al Donoghue Resident Member (2019)
John Mahan Resident Member (2019)
Charleen Greenhalgh Town Planner (2019)
Mike Ulrich Business Member (2019)
Cyndi Williams Chamber Executive Director (2019)
Frances Rich Resident Representative