CANCELLED Harwich Ad Hoc Noise Containment Committee Meeting

Event Date: 
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 5:30pm


Town Hall Library, Harwich Town Hall
United States

Ad Hoc Harwich Port Noise Containment Committee

Selectmen’s Library-732 Main Street Harwich

Tuesday, December 3, 2019-5:30 pm


  1.  Call to Order

Recording & Taping Notification-As required by law, the Town may audio or video record this meeting.Any person intending to either audio or video record this open session is required to inform the Chair.




  1.  Minutes 11/12/19 meeting
  2.  Does noise bylaw apply to the Wychmere and Wequassett venues
  3. How are Entertainment Licenses granted
  4. Penalty timeframe for noise bylaw violation


  1. Determine Secretary for next meeting
  2. Discuss any correspondence received from business/community members
  3. Discuss legal definition of “Plainly Audible” as defined by Harwich Town Counsel
  4. Discuss Music Noise Controller (info. Supplies by Bob Nickerson)
  5. What types of sound systems and sound system placement for outdoor music venues are affordable and make sense
  6. Finalize recommendation on number of performers allowed and types of instruments not allowed at outdoor music venues
  7. Finalize recommendation on what nights will be acoustic music only at outdoor music venues
  8. Decide if outdoor music venues will stop music at 9:00pm on Harwich stroll nights
  9. Resident reporting options…directly to the business, how will this be accomplished?
  10. Discuss outdoor music venues that are compliant, but still receive a noise complaint because of the way sound can travel…how will this work?


  1. Next Meeting Date


  1.  Future Agenda


  1. Public Comment


  1. Adjourn