Studio Rental Information

Harwich Cultural Center
Studio Rental Information

Through creative repurposing of the former 78,000 sq. ft. middle school building, the Harwich Cultural Center currently has 40 studio rooms. The center is a cooperative effort between the Town and our greatest resource - the creative, local individuals that help to make our town a destination for visitors from around the world. The building provides valuable “launch space” where individuals can actualize their creative gifts and contribute to the local economy.

Whether they are engaged in the visual and performing arts, the health and wellness of others, or in the generation of ideas for the town’s future, the building’s occupants and visitors strive to impact town culture in ways that #InspiresHarwich with the #PowerOfCulture.

In addition to completing the online application questionnaire, prospective renters are encouraged to submit a formal Letter of Intention describing how they will utilize studio space at the Harwich Cultural Center. Renters are subject to review and approval by the Town Administrator. The center maintains an active wait list, keeping your contact information current will allow us to correspond with you in a timely fashion when studio rental options become available and arrange for an interview with our team.


  • Single Occupancy $300.00 per month
  • Double Occupancy $200.00 each per month
  • Triple Occupancy $150.00 each per month
  • Rental term options 6-month or 1 year; requires first and last month’s rent. 


  • $750.00 per month
  • Rental term options 6-month or 1 year; requires first and last month’s rent. 


  • Single Occupancy $200.00  per month
  • Rental term options 6-month or 1 year; requires first and last month’s rent. 


  • Single Occupancy $450.00 per month
  • Double Occupancy $275.00 per month
  • Triple Occupancy $200.00 per month
  • Rental term options 6-month or 1 year; requires first and last month’s rent. 

Exploring studio use at the Harwich Cultural Center

Leveraging the power of arts and culture, creative placemaking has transformed formerly abandoned school classrooms into 40 long-term studios. The Harwich Cultural Center is now known for affordable studio space, growing diverse programing, the soon-to-launch commercial kitchen, and as an accessible location off Exit 10 on Rt. 6. In a variety of ways, long-term renters directly contribute to our local economy and the essential fabric of Cape Cod.

But what does that look like? Here is a breakdown of the current long-term studio use. *

  • Coming from Mashpee to Eastham, 25 professional artists rent studio space to create work in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, encaustic, mixed-media, and ceramic. Their work is found in galleries, boutiques, garden nurseries, and gift shops throughout Cape Cod and online.
  • Renters are not exclusive to fine arts. While one studio offers instruction in pole fitness, another offers small group programs focused on sound healing and meditation. Five studios produce sought-after items like scented candles, custom tiles made from vintage paper, scallop shell ornaments and wreaths, repurposed antiques, and stained glass. The former industrial shop now holds a variety working of antique printing presses!
  • Wondering about the textile arts? Three studios focus on this once essential curriculum. Sign-up for sewing classes or find out how one artist, inspired by her surroundings, creates specialty pillows and gift items. We have the literary arts covered too as one renter pens their latest book.
  • Looking for something new? Try a beginner’s painting workshop or learn creative furniture painting one-on-one. What about the art of silk scarf dyeing? Join our free art salon facilitated by a renter and local art educator. 
  • Three studios are occupied by 501(c)3 non-profits which offer programming in STEAM, guided meditative healing, and clean-water education to bring our community together in very different ways.

To learn how creative placemaking strengthens our community or to join our studio waitlist, contact us for more information. *The Center is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19.

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