Council on Aging Indoor Vegetable Gardening Project

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Council on Aging Indoor Vegetable Gardening Project

The COA is excited to introduce our new indoor vegetable gardening project! This idea grew out of the unusual and unexpected circumstances we have found ourselves in with the onset of COVID-19. We have committed to remaining in our homes except for intermittent trips to essential locations such as grocery stores – and when we get to the store, we often find the shelves emptied of essentials including fresh and frozen produce.

This project is meant to provide a small scale, accessible, and sustainable way for seniors to grow some of their own produce. This can help ensure a continuous supply of nutritious food, extend time between grocery store trips, and provide a fun task to do at home!

This is designed to be accessible for everyone – supplies are provided free of charge* and can be used by folks regardless of physical ability or access to outdoor garden space.

Your kit – which includes everything you’ll need – will be delivered to your home by COA staff or volunteers with a no contact drop off. It includes a welcome letter, growing bag, potting soil, 10 seed varieties (all heirloom, non-GMO, and suitable for small container growing), plant food, and a brochure with growing instructions for each plant type. All you need to add is water and a sunny window!

Call the COA at 508-430-7550 to learn more about the project or to sign up! Supplies are limited, so call early!

*All supplies were purchased using grant funds