Animal Control


The Harwich Police Department’s Animal Control is responsible for the investigation of animal complaints and problems.  Animal Control investigates reports of animal cruelty, dog or cat bites, vicious dog complaints, sick or injured wildlife and loose dogs.  Animal Control also conducts barn and kennel inspections, rabies clinics, educational programs and advice with animal care and wildlife control.


The Animal Control Vehicle is part of the Police Department fleet and is equipped with the necessary control tools to handle most animal related situations.  Officer Jack Burns is the Department’s full time Animal Control Officer. A former sergeant and Special Investigator with the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Officer Burns joined the department in September of 1999.  As a State Humane Officer, Officer Burns received training in both law enforcement and animal related issues.  He is a graduate of the Boston Police Academy and the Plymouth Police Academy.  He has been a state authorized Animal Inspector since 1990, and is a graduate of the State’s Animal Control Academy where he was later an instructor and has also graduated from the National Cruelty Investigators School and the National Horse Abuse Investigators School.  He is a member of the Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts and regularly attends courses to maintain his proficiency.


Animal Control is available to assist individuals or groups with any animal related problem or concerns and can be reached at the Police Department at 508.430.7541 or you can E-Mail Officer Burns at: [email protected]