Car Seat Safety



The Harwich Police Department takes child safety seriously. It is our goal to provide parents and caregivers useful information on safely restraining their children, to encourage the correct use of child restraints, and to ensure optimal protection by child restraint systems.  Officer John Larivee is  certified in the installion of child safety seats.



Things to remember when transporting children or using child safety seats and booster seats in a vehicle:

    • All children ages 12 and under should sit in the back seat properly restrained. The rear seat is the safest place for children.
    • Never use pillows, books, or towels to boost the height of a child. They can slide around and increase the likelihood of injury.
    • Make sure everyone is buckled up correctly. Infants and very young children should be in child safety seats. Young children should be correctly buckled using a booster seat.
    • Read the instructions for the child safety or booster seat and your vehicle owner’s manual before installing them. If the vehicle has only lap belts in the back seat, consider having shoulder belts installed by a dealer or repair facility. Most vehicle manufacturers offer retrofit shoulder belt kits for this purpose.
    • After installing a child safety or booster seat, don’t forget to test for a snug and secure fit. Properly fitting lap and shoulder belts reduce the risk for belt-induced injuries, which can occur when lap or lap / shoulder belts are a small child’s only restraint.
    • Always fill out and mail the registration card that comes with the safety / booster seat so notifications can be made in case of a recall.


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