Door to Door Solicitation / No Knock List

Solicitation and Peddling: 

Below please find the Town of Harwich By-law for door to door soliciting. In order to solicit in town you must complete the appropriate application (see below) and make an appointment for a criminal background check.  To make an appointment please contact Katie Varley at 508-430-7541 x5203. 

Please bring with you to your appointment the following:

  • your completed application
  • valid identification.  

No Knock List:

Below there is a form to register for a "No Knock List".   Once a solicitor is approved by the department to go door to door they will be given a list of the addresses that have been registered on the no-knock list.  They will be given the address only and no other personal information (such as names and contact info).   If you would like to register your address as a "No knock" address please complete the form below and email it to Katie Varley or drop it off at the police station to be added to the list.