Application for Room Use

Use this form to reserve a room within the Community Center.

Or Click here for the pdf version.

Agreement: by submitting this form, I (we) have read the rules and regulations and fully understand their contents. I (we) accept the responsibility for proper use of the facilities and for the actions and conduct of the above group using Community Center facilities for this function/these functions. I (we) agree to provide adequate adult supervision at all times during the use of the facility. I (we) will assume all responsibility for all fees, charges and damage claims resulting from such use of the facilities. I (we) understand any advertising for this event outside the building MUST FOLLOW THE SIGN CODE FOR THE TOWN OF HARWICH. These codes may be obtained from the Harwich Building Commission.

* Additional fees may be incurred for use of the building outside of normal hours of operation.

** Please see our Room Set-Up Guide for set-up codes. Set-Up codes are to be entered in the room set-up space below (or you may submit a custom set-up form to the Harwich Community Center Front Desk)

Contact Information
Note: Equipment is loaned on a first-come, first-serve basis. All equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was loaned. Groups are strictly prohibited from removing equipment from the building.
Enter the set-up code for your event's requested room set-up (as well any other room set-up specifics not covered by our pre-set room set-ups, such as the number of chairs needed). **See the Room Set-Up Guide at the link above for set-up codes**
Online Information
Information entered below will posted on our online calendar and be available for the public to see.