ATV Unit

The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Unit of the Harwich Police Department is tasked with detecting and deterring the operation of illegal off road vehicles on public and private properties in and around the Town of Harwich, as well as to provide assistance during search and rescue operations. It also is used for patrolling beaches and wooded areas where a patrol cruiser may have difficulty gaining access. The all-terrain vehicles’ ability to travel in areas hard to reach by conventional vehicles will allow the officer to cut response time dramatically.

The ATV unit is made up of seven members of the Harwich Police Department. Each member had to attend a Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Counsel approved course hosted by the MA Environmental Police. This course entailed not only the operation of the ATV’s under different situations but also familiarized each officer with the machine and stressed safety at all times.

Sgt. Paul Boorack is the supervisor in charge of the ATV Unit.


The Harwich Police Department has two 4X4 ATV’s which the department acquired through a Community Policing grant. Through the same grant process, the department was able to purchase a trailer, which is used to store the ATV’s and make their deployment easy anywhere within town or to assist other agencies.

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