Traffic Unit


The Traffic Division is part of the Patrol Force. It is comprised of one one Sergeant, and two officers who are assigned to traffic enforcement and crash investigations. Sergeant Aram Goshgarian is the current supervisor of the Traffic Division that is comprised of Patrol Officer Mark Holmes and Patrol Officer John Larivee.


The Traffic Unit operates a 2015 unmarked Police Utility Vehicle equipped with the latest radar and Lidar technologies. The Traffic Unit also oversees the placement of two speed monitoring trailers. These trailers are available for placement in your neighborhood. Under the Community section of this webpage you will find a form to fill out online to request a radar trailer. A member of the Traffic Division will contact you upon receiving your request.


The mission of the Traffic Division is to enhance traffic safety for all residents of, and visitors to, the Town of Harwich through education, enforcement and investigation. Although traffic enforcement is our primary function, we are tasked with other responsibilities such as enforcing the Town of Harwich Bylaw on unregistered vehicles, accident prevention and investigation, accident reconstruction, impaired driver enforcement, escorts for funeral processions, and responding to citizen complaints.


All officers in the Traffic Division have received a variety of specialized training totaling several hundred hours of classroom as well as practical instruction which includes motor vehicle accident reconstruction, motorcycle crash reconstruction, heavy truck crash investigation, bicycle/pedestrian crash investigation, and many other classes in the field of crash investigation.


Each member of the Harwich Police Traffic Division is also a part of the Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council’s Crash Reconstuction Team. These officers, from the various Cape’ police agencies regularly work cooperatively to assist each other in the investigation of traffic crashes within their jurisdictions.


Our goal is to make traveling the streets in the Town of Harwich a safe experience for everyone.


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