East Harwich

The most populous of the Harwiches, this village had a population of 4744 as of the 2000 census. It has an interesting mix of town, sea and country within its borders.  

Leaving Route 6 at Exit 11, one drives left onto Route 137 into East Harwich and finds home remodling stores, a chain drug store, a large supermarket, a women's shop, a sports store, and several banks. Another shopping plaza on 137 has a popular bar-restaurant, liquor store, cleaners, newspaper shop, Italian and Chinese take-outs, medical offices, and a popular chain coffee shop.  

Lovely Pleasant Bay forms part of East Harwich's easternmost border and a drive along Route 28 provides marvelous scenic views as it hugs the bay on its way to Orleans. Nearby the Muddy River empties into Pleasant Bay and forms a portion of East Harwich's border with Chatham. A cranberry bog sits close to Route 28 on the bay and often in the Fall during harvest season, drivers pull over to watch this very New England happening.  

The picturesque Wequasset Inn, at the border of East Harwich and Chatham stands overlooking Pleasant Bay.  

To the west Hawksnest State Park, bordering Route 6, is comprised of 1300 acres of forests, kettle ponds and trails. Of its three ponds -- Hawksnest, Oliver's and Black -- Hawksnest Pond offers the loveliest sandiest beach for swimming.

For more information contact the Harwich Chamber of Commerce at (508)432-1600, the Brooks Museum at (508) 432-8089 or the Brooks Library at(508) 430-7562.

V.E. Laporte

Harwich Historical Society