Youth & Family Services

Sheila House is a Masters Level Clinical Mental Health Counselor, licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselor’s Association.

Sheila works year-round as an independent agent of the town to support the mental health needs of Harwich Youth and their families. In this role, she collaborates with the Monomoy Regional School District, on wellness and mental health education and outreach. Her role as Youth Counselor includes the following components:

  • Therapeutic counseling and support for Harwich Youth, ages 11-24 years, FREE OF CHARGE (6-10 weeks)
  • Parent coaching and support
  • A referral source for counselors, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors and treatment centers, and medical resources in the community
  • Crisis intervention, assessment and referral
  • Prevention programs for youth-at-risk
  • Networking with community resources that support youth and their families

Sheila sees clients in her office at The Albro House at 728 Main Street in Harwich. Please feel free to stop by and see Sheila or contact her with any questions you might have. Sheila is available full-time, year-round and counseling hours are available during summer and school vacations. If you live in a region other than Harwich, the Youth Counselor can provide referrals. 


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sheila House, MS Licensed Mental Health Counselor (508) 430-7836