Monomoy Regional School District

Monomoy Regional School District Meeting Agenda and Minutes are available at the District website.  After clicking on the link to the website above, click the "District"  tab, then choose "School Committee" to find meeting schedules, agendas and minutes.

Board Members

Name Title
Sharon A. Stout Harwich Member (May 2020)
Robert T. Russell Harwich Member (May 2021)
William Greenwood Harwich Finance Committee Liaison
Joseph Auciello Chatham Member (May 2022)
Nancy L. Scott Chatham Member (May 2020)
Joanne Sheehan Chatham Member (May 2021)
Jackie Zibrat-Long Chatham Member (May 2020)
Larry G. Ballantine Selectmen's Liaison
Tina Games Harwich Member (May 2022)
Meredith Henderson Harwich Member (May 2020)