Bikeways Committee Meeting

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Meeting Date: 
June 21, 2017

Minutes of the Harwich Bikeways Committee June 21, 2017
Attendees: Fran Salewski, Paul Gazaille, Dennis Mozzer, Bruce Paige, Andrew Docken and Shanna Nealy.

- Dennis represented us very well on Channel 18. Dennis is leaving the Committee after 7 years of volunteer service with many accomplishments over those years. Thank you Dennis.
- We voted to change the meeting start time to 5pm
- We decided not to have a meeting in July, next meeting in August 16th at 5pm
- Paul had his interview with Jannell Brown and Don Howell awaiting to be approved, he will also be our clerk to get minutes out within a few days of the meeting.
- Paul volunteered to be Fran's chairman backup if he cannot make the meeting 
- OCRT fencing: Fran will contact Mike our liaison to Lincoln on clearing obscuring branches at the crossing light at Rt 39. Also low hanging branches on Old Colony Road approaching Rt. 124.  The committee would like to see the split rail fence along the Old Colony repaired or replaced. We realize it’s just for esthetics but we felt it would be worth while. Also Lincoln has some bike racks to be distributed does he have any left. If so, where could he place them.
- CPC request to install crossing light, when the new form is available in September Shanna will submit our request to install a crossing light at the General Store crossing 
- Charge draft was reviewed everyone to provide feedback to Paul by July 1st to be finalized.
- Bruce will check with Foster by July 1st on how to get the software to work to get tracking data from the Great Western crossing light remote 
- Bruce to talk to Chamber Of Commerce to get a digital copy of our map so we can add it to our web site 
- Discussed putting together an Anniversary of the OCRT celebration for 2018. Everyone to give Fran two ideas by the August meeting.