Real Estate & Open Space Committee

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The purpose and mission of the Harwich Real Estate and Open Space (REOS) Committee is to study and make recommendations to Harwich elected officials and voters regarding the protection, acquisition, use and management of land for public purposes.

There are many reasons for the Town of Harwich to acquire, buy, sell, conservation restrict, maintain and manage public lands, including such purposes as open space and recreation, habitat protection, affordable housing, historic preservation and general municipal uses.  However, the REOS Committee has identified protection of the Town's water resources (to include groundwater, freshwater ponds and wetlands, and coastal embayments) as its highest priority.  For this reason, the Committee will focus its efforts on acquiring lands that will protect water resources, consistent with the Town's Local Comprehensive Plan and Open Space Plan.

Board Members

Name Title
Kathy Green Chair (2018)
David Callaghan Member (2020)
John Preston Member (2019)
Elaine Shovlin Member (2018)
Marcia Thorngate Smith Member (2018)
Carol Porter Member (2019)
Donald Howell Selectmen's Liaison
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