Bikeways Committee

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Harwich Bikeways Committee Charge

The mission of the Harwich Bikeways Committee is to develop, maintain and improve bikeways in Harwich including the promotion of safe transportation on our bikeways and road crossings.

The bikeways committee supports and advises on the use of bicycles throughout the town of Harwich for transportation and recreation. A map showing our town-wide network of designated bike routes can be downloaded from the Harwich website or at various kiosks on the bike path.

To work with the DPW to implement repairs or other issues to our bikeway, OCRT and other recommended bike routes in Harwich.

The committee is charged to make recommendations to promote safe and enjoyable bicycling in the town of Harwich and to encourage the use of bicycles for recreation, commuting and as an alternative means of transportation within the town and to neighboring towns. This statement reflects an array of issues related to making Harwich a more bikeable town in promoting biking as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of this strategy is to provide a framework for future decisions regarding improvements to the bike path, up-grading public facilities and building public awareness in ways that promote the safe use of bikes for recreation and as an alternative means of transportation in the town of Harwich.

Our committee makes recommendations for the allocation of funds to install crossing lights at various road crossings, and we also make requests to parties responsible for repairs that are needed including painting and cleanup of the OCRT to keep the trail in good shape.


  •         To promote educational and bicycling programs that support public health and tourism. Bicycling is an integral part of our community culture.
  •         To foster safe, informed, and respectful interactions among people who walk, drive bicycles and cars on Harwich roads and bike paths. For drivers and cyclists to understand their respective responsibilities and police support both through enforcement and education.
  •         To suggest and help implement rules governing the bike path.
  •         To maintain bicycle safety and educational programs.


Board Members

Name Title
Francis Salewski Chairman (2018)
Bruce Paige Member (2018)
Eric Levy Member (2020)
Shanna Nealy Member (June 2018)
Paul Gazaille Member (2020)
Andrew Docken Member (2019)
Jannell M. Brown Selectmen's Liaison
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