Conservation Commission

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March 15, 2017 - 6:30pm
March 15, 2017 - 6:30pm
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732 Main Street

Harwich, MA 02645

CONSERVATION COMMISSION                                          (508)-430-7538     FAX (508)430-7531





6:30 PM


All hearings shall be subject to discussion, taking of testimony, review of submitted documents which may result in a vote being taken to approve or deny a project; or to issue a continuance to a time and date certain, in order to receive and review further information as needed.  This meeting is being recorded.  If any member of the audience is also recording the meeting, they must let the Chair know now.




Request for Determination of Applicability


Habitat for Humanity, 93 & 97 Route 28, Map 10 Parcels W5 & W3-B: Proposed work within Land Subject to Coastal Storm Flowage; includes removing a portion of the multi-family dwelling on # 93 and constructing an addition to the rear; small portion of road construction and septic system upgrades for both 93 & 97 **APPLICANT HAS REQUESTED A CONTINUANCE UNTIL THE APRIL 5, 2017 MEETING-NO TESTIMONY WILL BE HEARD AT THE MARCH 15, 2017 MEETING**


Erika Goyzueta, 90 Route 28, Map 10 Parcel K6-1: Construct 20’x40’ in-ground vinyl liner swimming pool. Pool will be 821 sq. ft. & pool decking area will be 1107 sq. ft.; Proposing to remove 2 trees in preparation for the new pool.


Jeff Eldredge, 9 Cranberry Trail, Map 78 Parcel J3: Pursuant to 310 CMR 10.04 land in agricultural use; the applicant has created a 10-13’ wide dirt road around the wetland to access nursery activity. Nursery consists of but not limited to trees & shrubs. Nursery cannot be accessed directly from the Brewster part of the farm & as such, the access from Harwich is necessary. The eastern portion of the road is used to maintain and access crops. The wetland at issue is an old cranberry & blueberry bog which is currently a maple swamp. (Continued from 2/15/2017)


Notice of Intent


Thomas & Lisa Cahill, 2097 Route 28, Map 109 Parcel B1-7: Remove approx. 2512 sq. ft. of irrigated lawn and landscaping within 50’ buffer and plant native vegetation. Add limited outdoor living space on the waterside of the house with 83 sq. ft. of permeable patio and 83 sq. ft. of cantilevered deck within 50’ buffer. 410 sq. ft. of decking on pin piles in requested within 100’ buffer. (Continued from 3/1/2017) (SE32-2290)





Order of Conditions


Conrad J. Bletzer Jr., 19 Ships Haven Road, Map 12 Parcel Y3-9: New bluestone patio off of the back porch. (SE32-2286)


Extension Request


Dave Callaghan/Great Sand Lakes Association, Seven Association Beaches, Map 72 Parcels BA-A, BA-B1 & BA-B2, Map 63 Parcel BA-C & Map 73 Parcels BA-H, BA-K & BA-D (SE32-1889)


Certificate of Compliance


Susan Whitney, Lot 25 (8) Ruth Lane, Map 32 Parcel K4-25 (SE32-570)


Susan Whitney, Lot 25 (8) Ruth Lane, Map 32 Parcel K4-25 (SE32-310)


Edward C. & Joyce A. Hendlowitch, 8 Packet Way, Map 43 Parcel Y78 (SE32-482)


Minutes-Minutes shall be subject to review, discussion, editing for suggested changes and/or deletions, and a vote shall be taken for acceptance and approval.


February 15, 2017, February 23, 2017 & March 1, 2017




  1. Discussion and possible vote on the Proposal for a Pilot Study on Kelp and Blue Mussels Impact on Water Quality in the Tidal Waters of Harwich – Judith Underwood of B2G Energy, Inc.
  2. Natural Resources Director Heinz Proft to present the Wastewater Education Handbook.
  3. Review and possible vote of changes to the Harwich Wetlands Protection Regulations






Per the Attorney General’s Office:  The committee may hold an open session for topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting following “New Business.”  If you are deaf or hard of hearing or a person with a disability who requires an accommodation, contact the Selectmen’s Office at



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