Architectural Advisory Committee

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The function of the Architectural Advisory Committee is strictly advisory. We review requests for all commercial construction and signage not only to assure that they comply with existing laws, but hopefully to preserve the attractiveness of our historic villages.

Deadline for submitting requests is NOON on these dates Schedule of Meetings to review requests
February 4 February 9
 March 3 March 8
 April 7 April 12
 May 5 May 10
June 9 June 14
July 7 July 12
 August 4 August 9
 September 8 September 13
 October 6 October 11
 November 3 November 8
 December 8 December 13


Board Members

Name Title
Barbara S. Josselyn Chairman (June 2017)
Anthony Compton Member (June 2018)
Nancy Pollard Member (June 2018)
Elizabeth Groves Member (June 2019)
Jannell M. Brown Selectmen's Liaison
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