Wastewater Support Committee

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Phase II water service and septic system location plans can be found and downloaded


If you would like to contact the Wastewater Support Committee with any questions/concerns, please email: WasteWater@townofharwich.us


Town of Harwich

Wastewater Support Committee



Several wastewater committees have served to develop the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP).

The CWMP now needs to be implemented through the Town Administrator directing and utilizing Town staff. The Wastewater Support Committee will act as a resource to the Town Administrator in the completion of wastewater activities.

The Wastewater Support Committee will advise the Board of Selectmen on implementation progress and issues with special attention to effective public outreach including resident input and discussion, sources/uses of funds and implementation of appropriate adaptive management measures. The committee will also monitor critical implementation deadlines.


Major responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and assist with public outreach as it relates to activities and education regarding implementation of CWMP activities.
  • Coordinate and assist pubic dialogue to insure Harwich residents have input into the CWMP and its implementation.
  • Continue oversight of the ongoing water monitoring program
  • Review and update the CWMP as needed
  • Support development and maintenance of a data base of existing and emerging technologies related to wastewater management.
  • Advise the Board of Selectmen on wastewater cost allocation policies and methodologies.
  • Recommend Charter revisions, special legislation and zoning changes which may be needed to implement proposed alternative technologies, organization and funding strategies.
  • Aid in the preparation of required Town Meeting Articles.
  • Monitor implementation of the CWMP for regulatory compliance.
  • Seek external funding.



Board Members

Name Title
Sharon Pfleger Member (2020)
Noreen Donahue Member (2020)
Ann Howe Member (2019)
Peter S. Hughes Member (2019)
Richard V. Peter Member (2021)
Larry G. Ballantine Selectmen's Liaison
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